bronze as Bronze 青銅で在ること

Koji Hatakeyama 畠山耕治

Ogawa Machiko

2/2 (金) - 22 (木) 11:00-18:30 日祝休

Feb. 2 fri - 22 thu , 2024 closed on Sunday and National Holiday

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2024年 畠山耕治

"bronze as Bronze"

I wanted to start from the beginning, to once again come face to face with bronze as a material.

As my hands were guided with this intention in mind, the phrase ‘to transcend the vessel’ came back to me.

Come to think of it, my first proper solo exhibition was an attempt to present ‘vessels as forms in their own right’ within a particular environment.

After more than 30 years, I wanted to probe more deeply into the relationship between objects and the spaces they inhabit.

I have always struggled to define for myself what ‘vessel’ means. I am still uncertain.

Despite and regardless of this, I have set out to explore bronze in its most naked and raw state.

Koji Hatakeyama 2024

Biography of Koji Hatakeyama  畠山耕治 略歴 (PDF)

Text 「bronze as Bronze 青銅で在ること」 Rupert Faulkner (PDF)

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